What Real Estate Agents Say about Home Staging: Out vs In

The key word for selling real estate in 2012 is CHALLENGING. No one, including the experts, can predict how the market will fare in the next 12 months. While the health of the economy and regional markets, and location and size of properties are outside the control of agents and sellers, three factors are discretionary and must be expertly managed to ensure a successful sale:


Increasingly, savvy real estate agents are realizing that having professional home stagers on their teams is the best way to increase their marketing effectiveness and success. When staged listings sell faster and for more than the comps that are not staged, agents and their real estate companies benefit from higher commissions, reduced marketing expenses, increased profitability, increased client satisfaction and increased referrals. Success breeds success.

In addition, collaborating with a home staging expert, who can handle a staging project from consultation through to completion, frees up an agent’s time to focus on what they do best – list and sell properties and find homes for their buyers. For the home seller, agent and real estate company, professional home staging is a win-win-win marketing strategy. Unfortunately, some real estate agents still do not appreciate the value and necessity of professional home staging. But in 2012, staging is no longer optional, according to real estate guru, Barbara Corcoran. Here’s what real estate agents say about staging –Out vs In.



“Staging costs too much”

“Staging is a short-term, high yield investment.”

“Staging wastes too much time.”

“Staging saves time by reducing days on the market.”

“Staging is fluffing.”

“Staging is savvy marketing.”

“My listings always sell… eventually.”

“My listings sell higher and faster than the competition.”

“Why would I pay for a consultation?”

“Investing in consultations helps me sell listings.”

“I won’t offend my seller by suggesting staging.”

“I win listings by having a pro stager on my team.”

“I do my own staging.”

“I focus on listing and selling.”

“Staging is just for vacants.”

“All properties benefit from some degree of staging.”

“What’s a stager?”

“My staging pro is an indispensable member of my team.”

As president
of Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc., I have collaborated with agents and sellers on the staging and sale of over $600 million in real estate. It is such a pleasure to work with savvy real estate agents, who embrace the “IN” attitude.

Purchase College CSPs Transform their Love for Decorating into Home Staging Businesses

I always enjoy training new CSPs. I feel so fortunate to be able to combine my love for home staging and teaching now as one of Christine Rae’s
team of professional trainers. My class last week at Purchase College
had an amazing group of talented and dynamic women, who come from a
range of diverse professional backgrounds. And although their personal
circumstances are very different, the one common denominator is that
they are all looking for transformation in their professional lives. 

They are all highly motivated to keep working, but they want to do
work they truly love and do it on their own terms. As time becomes more
and more precious to all of us, how we spend it has a huge impact on
our well-being. Each one of these new CSPs described their love for
decorating and years of home staging and event staging experience – all
the while doing it for their own pleasure and/or to help friends and
even communities through their fund-raising event planning volunteer
work. I can certainly relate to this feeling because I personally
experienced a life transformation in 2001, when I needed to reinvent
myself professionally and wanted to start my own business.

The camaraderie and connection in this group was so strong I know
they will stay in touch and continue to be a supportive “buddy system”
for each other. They all expressed how positive the group experience
was for them, especially seeing how much they had in common, in spite
of coming from different backgrounds.This shared experience and on-going networking is just one of the
positive differentiators the CSP home staging training offers. With any
on-line training, you are totally on your own and when you’re done,
you’re done.

All the CSP trainers have successful home staging businesses and
share real life experience and our expertise with all our trainees. As
president of Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc., I have staged well over $500 million in real estate in
the Tri-state area. I continue to stay available to all my trainees by
email after the classes and the CSP after-training support is
incomparable in the industry. As I tell my trainees, when you invest in
the CSP training you are not just investing in a 3 day program – there
is a wealth of resources and support for your benefit.

More and more individuals looking to transform their passion for
decorating into home staging business opportunity are investing in the
CSP home staging training. Many are also traveling from out of state
and even internationally to participate because they recognize the
value of the CSP program. In my Purchase College class, one of our
trainees came from Boston and another from England. Our classes also
benefit from the contribution of different perspectives and talents.

On Day Three, we were very fortunate to stage a house with the most magnificent views, still in autumnal splendor!

I am looking forward to my upcoming classes in two amazing cities!

Montreal, my hometown, November 30 – December 2
New York, my current hometown and favorite city, Jan 8 – 11

For more information, please visit; www.csptraining.com and IngenuityPizzazz.com and feel free to contact me at 917-952-4669 or nairn@IngenuityPizzazz.com.

Home Staging Trends in North America and Outlook for 2010

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“Home Staging Trends in North America
and Industry Outlook for 2010″

Certified Staging Professionals Release:

Home Staging Trends ReportHome Staging Report
the professional home staging industry gains respect as an essential
and integrated component of the international real estate industry at
large, the demand for valid industry performance statistics has also
increased.  However, the reality is that home staging statistics for
“days on market” and “contract versus listing” prices vary
significantly due to differences in regional real estate markets.  In
2009, the Canadian real estate market fared much better than the U.S.
market, which suffered an extraordinary decline because of the banking
crisis and recession. Furthermore, regional differences can also be
significant.  However, the common fact remains that irrespective of
location and/or market conditions, professionally staged properties
sell faster and for more money than comparable properties, which are
not staged.

CSP International™ believes it is important to
acknowledge these differences, while still providing an overview of
value to the 2009 Home Staging Industry in North America.  In this
report we feature several specific key areas of Canada and the U.S., as
well as highlight the market differences and local trends in home
staging.   We have consulted with home staging experts and real estate
professionals to share their valuable perspective on 2009 and their
outlook for 2010.

Sneak Peak….Industry Outlook for 2010

Charleston, South Carolina

New York Home Staging Trends“The Charleston,
South Carolina market, while not
hard hit by economic downturns, seems to be rebounding in 2010, at least in the
average or below average price ranges.  Higher home values are still
languishing on the market, particularly in the secondary/seasonal home

New York City, NY While we are seeing a trend of buyers returning
to the market, these buyers are demanding and getting best value.  Realistic pricing is still paramount but
never before have presentation and condition been so important.

Toronto, ON …This method of marketing has created multiple
offers on properties and has resulted in selling prices as much as 115% over
asking.   An example of this is thirteen offers on one property I staged
at the end of January 2010, which was listed at $645,000 and sold for $755,000.

Directory of StagersStaging Success Statistics

Some CSPs are already compiling their staging success statistics.  For
their contact information, please refer to the Directory at the end of
this report.  This resource tool and statistical data from CSPs will
also enable CSP International Academy to analyze regional, national and
international statistics for future reports.


“2009 Home Staging Trends in North America
with Industry Outlook for 2010″

Attention Media Sources

For recommended staging experts
or any other requests, please contact Angela Brooks at 1-888-782-4464 or by email (angela@stagingtraining.com)

Use of this Data

International Academy gives permission to republish this document in
part or whole, however, it must be accompanied by the following: 2009
Home Staging Trends in North America with Industry Outlook for 2010,
originally published by CSP International Academy, at www.cspiacademy.com and www.stagingpress.com.  Please visit the websites for updated industry reports.”

Home Staging in New York City Spells Success

After a challenging year in New York, buyers are returning to the
marketplace in search of the best values. Price, location and terms are
still key factors in any sale, but never before have condition and
presentation been so important.

Savvy real estate agents are collaborating with professional stagers
to ensure their marketing efforts reap top financial rewards for their
clients, their real estate companies and themselves. It is a fact that
professionally staged properties sell faster and for more money than
comps that are not staged. So the big question is, why aren’t all properties being professionally staged?

Too many agents and sellers are unwisely stuck in the mindset of
staging as a cost or an expense, instead of truly understanding the
amazing short-term investment opportunities of professional staging.
For most sellers, their home is their most valuable asset and they
should be determined to maximize the financial return on the sale of
their property. As staging experts, we can help sellers and agents achieve their goals of selling for top dollar as quickly as possible.

Here are a few testimonials from some of my recent success stories:

“The Upper Westside property went on the market Sunday, January 10th
for $1,595,000. On Tuesday January 19th an offer of $1,575,000 was
accepted. Without your staging, we would probably have received closer
to $1,400,000.”

                                                                                                                     D. Anderson, BHS

Thanks to Nairn Friemann we received a higher than expected offer
for an estate-condition apartment at Imperial House. I recommend her
for three reasons: a) she gave my customers very viable staging options
at several different price points; b) she delivered a terrific
finished product in quick time; and c) her prices were as reasonable as
she was flexible and cooperative.

                                                                                                                    J. Charnas, Fox Residential

Staging works for rentals too!

“Thanks so much Nairn. You are the best! The apartment rented in two weeks with a lot of interest.”

                                                                                                                   D. Dickinison, Fox Residential

For more information about my company Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc. and my services, please visit IngenuityPizzazz.com or contact me at nairn@IngenuityPizzazz.com

If you are interested in a career in home staging, I have also have upcoming Certified Staging Professionals training classes scheduled as follows:

Feb. 15-17 Ottawa
March 8 – 10 Philadelphia
April 10 – 12 New York

For more information about the training, visit www.csptraining.com or contact me at nairn@IngenuityPizzazz.com.

Nairn Friemann, MBA
Certified Staging Professional and Trainer

Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc.