Purchase College CSPs Transform their Love for Decorating into Home Staging Businesses

I always enjoy training new CSPs. I feel so fortunate to be able to combine my love for home staging and teaching now as one of Christine Rae’s
team of professional trainers. My class last week at Purchase College
had an amazing group of talented and dynamic women, who come from a
range of diverse professional backgrounds. And although their personal
circumstances are very different, the one common denominator is that
they are all looking for transformation in their professional lives. 

They are all highly motivated to keep working, but they want to do
work they truly love and do it on their own terms. As time becomes more
and more precious to all of us, how we spend it has a huge impact on
our well-being. Each one of these new CSPs described their love for
decorating and years of home staging and event staging experience – all
the while doing it for their own pleasure and/or to help friends and
even communities through their fund-raising event planning volunteer
work. I can certainly relate to this feeling because I personally
experienced a life transformation in 2001, when I needed to reinvent
myself professionally and wanted to start my own business.

The camaraderie and connection in this group was so strong I know
they will stay in touch and continue to be a supportive “buddy system”
for each other. They all expressed how positive the group experience
was for them, especially seeing how much they had in common, in spite
of coming from different backgrounds.This shared experience and on-going networking is just one of the
positive differentiators the CSP home staging training offers. With any
on-line training, you are totally on your own and when you’re done,
you’re done.

All the CSP trainers have successful home staging businesses and
share real life experience and our expertise with all our trainees. As
president of Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc., I have staged well over $500 million in real estate in
the Tri-state area. I continue to stay available to all my trainees by
email after the classes and the CSP after-training support is
incomparable in the industry. As I tell my trainees, when you invest in
the CSP training you are not just investing in a 3 day program – there
is a wealth of resources and support for your benefit.

More and more individuals looking to transform their passion for
decorating into home staging business opportunity are investing in the
CSP home staging training. Many are also traveling from out of state
and even internationally to participate because they recognize the
value of the CSP program. In my Purchase College class, one of our
trainees came from Boston and another from England. Our classes also
benefit from the contribution of different perspectives and talents.

On Day Three, we were very fortunate to stage a house with the most magnificent views, still in autumnal splendor!

I am looking forward to my upcoming classes in two amazing cities!

Montreal, my hometown, November 30 – December 2
New York, my current hometown and favorite city, Jan 8 – 11

For more information, please visit; www.csptraining.com and IngenuityPizzazz.com and feel free to contact me at 917-952-4669 or nairn@IngenuityPizzazz.com.

Why Accepting the Lowest Bid for Home Staging Can Prove Extremely Costly for Sellers

As a very experienced stager and president of Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc.,
(I have collaborated with home sellers and real estate agents in the
staging and marketing of over $500 million in real estate in the
Tri-state area), I feel the need to comment on the issue of hiring a
home stager, based on the lowest bid. Some home staging companies are
now marketing themselves by their willingness to accept sellers’ lowest
budgets. It is well known that in any business, you cannot achieve all
three of the following at the same time: high quality, low price, and
fastest delivery. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for.

For most sellers, their home is their number one financial asset.
The return on the sale of this asset will be key to their future
financial well-being. Statistics prove that professionally staged homes
sell faster and for more money than comparables that are not staged.
Furthermore, with a surplus of inventory, the competition for any home
seller today is greater than it has been in years. With more than 90%
of buyers shopping first on the internet, the website marketing is the
key to attracting traffic to a listing. Viewing the property, buyers
need to fall in love within minutes – the first impression is that
powerful to buyer decision making. Professional home staging is not
decorating – it is marketing, pure and simple.

Would any business launch a product into a competitive market in an
unattractive package or damaged condition? Of course not. Because the
only way that type of product will sell is at a significant discount!
Staging is not an expense – it is an INVESTMENT- in fact, the best
short-term investment a home seller will ever make. Just compare the
financial return from a profitable and quicker sale (which also reduces
monthly carrying costs), with the interest the banks are offering for
6-month CDs.

The choice of a professional home stager, is a critical decision
that should only be made in consideration of many criteria – and
certainly not just on price! In many cases, the savvy real estate agent
already has a professional stager working on their marketing team. If
the agent can’t recommend a stager, then the home seller needs to base
their decision on the stager’s expertise, experience, track-record,
professionalism and portfolio. Of course everyone has budgets and
professional stagers will do their best to get the biggest impact for
the client’s investment. However, it is wise to listen to the
professional stager’s comprehensive consultation and recommendations
before making any final decisions on what should be invested in the
staging project. Home sellers today have too much at stake to be “penny
wise and pound foolish.”

Certified Staging Professionals
understand the importance of explaining to sellers what needs to be
done to get their homes market ready. As consultants, we accept that
it is our responsibility, not only to showcase the strengths of a
property, but also to address the weaknesses – even when some of these
issues might be sensitive in nature. The bottom line is that this is a
marketing collaboration between the seller, the home stager and the
agent to achieve the highest possible return on the sale of the
property in the shortest amount of time.

The Certified Staging Professionals training
does not only teach staging techniques and tips but also sets the
highest standards of ethics and professional responsibility. It is the
most comprehensive home staging training program available. Unlike the
on-line training companies, CSP provides trainees with hands-on staging
experience and incomparable after-training support. I am confident that
the CSP home staging training program is the best investment budding home stagers can make in themselves and their businesses. I am extremely proud of being a trainer for this exemplary organization and am pleased to share my diverse experience and expertise with all my trainees.

I am looking forward to my upcoming home staging training classes in New York City (Oct. 17-19) and Ottawa (Nov. 2-4).

For more information, please visit www.csptraining.com and IngenuityPizzazz.com or contact Nairn Friemann at nairn@IngenuityPizzazz.com.