New York City Home Stager, Nairn Friemann, Honored as RESA 2012 Professional Stager of the Year

New York, NY. February 9, 2012: Nairn Friemann, President of Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc. in New York City, and Certified Staging Professionals Instructor, was selected as the RESA 2012 Professional Stager of the Year. The RESA Professional Stager award was presented by the membership of the Real Estate Staging Association at the 2012 International Home Staging Convention awards banquet on February 1, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“I am so excited and appreciative to receive this prestigious award. It is also so gratifying to see how far our home staging industry has come in the past ten years!” said Friemann in accepting the RESA honor.

RESA recognized home staging professionals in chapter, state and regional leadership positions. Professional home stagers in 5 regions throughout North America received awards in both Rookie Stager of the Year and Professional Stager of the Year categories. RESA also recognized a Staging Realtor of the Year, Innovator of the Year, Product of the Year and several other categories.

“Nairn Friemann was selected by her home staging industry peers and we are honored that Nairn has been recognized for her contributions to our industry”, said Shell Brodnax, President/CEO of RESA.

As president of Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc., one of New York City’s top home staging companies, Nairn has collaborated with sellers and agents on the staging of over $600 million in real estate. “My specialty is transforming the ordinary to extraordinary with my ingenuity and pizzazz, but my focus is always on results – achieving a quick and profitable sale for my clients! I offer a full menu of home staging services and customized action plans to support each client’s budget and needs. My clients have called me a magician and miracle worker, but I know the magic and miracles happen because of my talent, professional training, extensive experience, high standards and very hard work.”

“It is also my pleasure to be able to share my expertise with hundreds of new home stagers, as an instructor for Certified Staging Professionals, the leading home staging training program. Nairn offers CSP home staging training classes in New York City, at Brookdale College in New Jersey, at Purchase College in Purchase, NY, in Connecticut and in Montreal.

At left, Nairn Friemann with RESA 2012 Professional Stager of the Year Awards and Christine Rae, President of Certified Staging Professionals, at the RESA Convention in Las Vegas.

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What Real Estate Agents Say about Home Staging: Out vs In

The key word for selling real estate in 2012 is CHALLENGING. No one, including the experts, can predict how the market will fare in the next 12 months. While the health of the economy and regional markets, and location and size of properties are outside the control of agents and sellers, three factors are discretionary and must be expertly managed to ensure a successful sale:


Increasingly, savvy real estate agents are realizing that having professional home stagers on their teams is the best way to increase their marketing effectiveness and success. When staged listings sell faster and for more than the comps that are not staged, agents and their real estate companies benefit from higher commissions, reduced marketing expenses, increased profitability, increased client satisfaction and increased referrals. Success breeds success.

In addition, collaborating with a home staging expert, who can handle a staging project from consultation through to completion, frees up an agent’s time to focus on what they do best – list and sell properties and find homes for their buyers. For the home seller, agent and real estate company, professional home staging is a win-win-win marketing strategy. Unfortunately, some real estate agents still do not appreciate the value and necessity of professional home staging. But in 2012, staging is no longer optional, according to real estate guru, Barbara Corcoran. Here’s what real estate agents say about staging –Out vs In.



“Staging costs too much”

“Staging is a short-term, high yield investment.”

“Staging wastes too much time.”

“Staging saves time by reducing days on the market.”

“Staging is fluffing.”

“Staging is savvy marketing.”

“My listings always sell… eventually.”

“My listings sell higher and faster than the competition.”

“Why would I pay for a consultation?”

“Investing in consultations helps me sell listings.”

“I won’t offend my seller by suggesting staging.”

“I win listings by having a pro stager on my team.”

“I do my own staging.”

“I focus on listing and selling.”

“Staging is just for vacants.”

“All properties benefit from some degree of staging.”

“What’s a stager?”

“My staging pro is an indispensable member of my team.”

As president
of Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc., I have collaborated with agents and sellers on the staging and sale of over $600 million in real estate. It is such a pleasure to work with savvy real estate agents, who embrace the “IN” attitude.

Real Estate Guru Barbara Corcoran Recommends Home Staging to ALL Sellers in 2011

AOL Real Estate’s What Works NOW called upon real estate guru, Barbara Corcoran for her take on the 2011 market. She recommends JUST TWO critical strategies:

1. PRICING: Price “exactly to the bones” and what
the property is worth. She says that on average it is taking 7 bids to
get to an acceptable offer and if the price is too high, sellers won’t
the bids.

2. HOME STAGING: Barbara Corcoran makes it clear
and simple. This is a tough buyers’ market. Sellers are competing with
their neighbors. To sell successfully in 2011, homes will have to look
much better than the competing neighbors’ properties. She recommends
making repairs and inexpensive upgrades and even renting furniture.

I would further recommend than when so much is at stake for home sellers, that they invest in hiring a Certified Staging Professional.
For most sellers their homes are their most valuable financial asset.
Research has proven that staged properties sell faster and for more
money than comps that are not staged. Reduced selling prices and
extended time on the market represent significant financial loss for
sellers. In comparison, short-term investment in professional home
staging will bring long-term financial gain. And when you consider the
interest rates the banks are offering, there is probably no better
short-term investment for sellers than professional home staging.

As president of Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc.,
I have staged well over $500 million of real estate. I know from years
of experience, that never before have condition and presentation been
as important to the sale of real estate as they are today.

And as a trainer for Certified Staging Professionals,
I also know that our CSPs are stand-outs in the professional home
staging industry. In such a tough market and with so much financial
risk at stake, sellers need to bring in the home staging experts!

For more information about my services and CSP classes, visit and contact For more information about Certified Staging Professionals, visit or contact 1-888-STAGING.


Purchase College CSPs Transform their Love for Decorating into Home Staging Businesses

I always enjoy training new CSPs. I feel so fortunate to be able to combine my love for home staging and teaching now as one of Christine Rae’s
team of professional trainers. My class last week at Purchase College
had an amazing group of talented and dynamic women, who come from a
range of diverse professional backgrounds. And although their personal
circumstances are very different, the one common denominator is that
they are all looking for transformation in their professional lives. 

They are all highly motivated to keep working, but they want to do
work they truly love and do it on their own terms. As time becomes more
and more precious to all of us, how we spend it has a huge impact on
our well-being. Each one of these new CSPs described their love for
decorating and years of home staging and event staging experience – all
the while doing it for their own pleasure and/or to help friends and
even communities through their fund-raising event planning volunteer
work. I can certainly relate to this feeling because I personally
experienced a life transformation in 2001, when I needed to reinvent
myself professionally and wanted to start my own business.

The camaraderie and connection in this group was so strong I know
they will stay in touch and continue to be a supportive “buddy system”
for each other. They all expressed how positive the group experience
was for them, especially seeing how much they had in common, in spite
of coming from different backgrounds.This shared experience and on-going networking is just one of the
positive differentiators the CSP home staging training offers. With any
on-line training, you are totally on your own and when you’re done,
you’re done.

All the CSP trainers have successful home staging businesses and
share real life experience and our expertise with all our trainees. As
president of Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc., I have staged well over $500 million in real estate in
the Tri-state area. I continue to stay available to all my trainees by
email after the classes and the CSP after-training support is
incomparable in the industry. As I tell my trainees, when you invest in
the CSP training you are not just investing in a 3 day program – there
is a wealth of resources and support for your benefit.

More and more individuals looking to transform their passion for
decorating into home staging business opportunity are investing in the
CSP home staging training. Many are also traveling from out of state
and even internationally to participate because they recognize the
value of the CSP program. In my Purchase College class, one of our
trainees came from Boston and another from England. Our classes also
benefit from the contribution of different perspectives and talents.

On Day Three, we were very fortunate to stage a house with the most magnificent views, still in autumnal splendor!

I am looking forward to my upcoming classes in two amazing cities!

Montreal, my hometown, November 30 – December 2
New York, my current hometown and favorite city, Jan 8 – 11

For more information, please visit; and and feel free to contact me at 917-952-4669 or

Certified Staging Professionals Trainees Create Home Staging Transformation in New Jersey

As one of the Certified Staging Professionals trainers, it is always such a pleasure for me to meet and mentor our new talented and highly motivated CSPs. Last week I trained a class of CSPs at Brookdale College in Freehold, New Jersey. Our hands-on staging project really differentiates our training program and provides our trainees with an invaluable learning experience. Many of my trainees have told me they never had so much fun working so hard! To me it is so obvious – how can you be trained as a professional stager without doing any hands-on staging in the program? And our after-training support is incomparable.

I am always impressed with the transformations the classes are able to make in just a few short hours. Because we do not bring in any additional items, the trainees need to use their creativity and what they have learned in class to edit and rearrange what the homeowner already has to best showcase the strengths of the property. This class assignment was very challenging but the trainees rolled up their sleeves and demonstrated such work ethic and talent – and all with a positive attitude and a high degree of camaraderie. I was truly amazed at what they achieved in less than five hours.

Here are just a couple of the before and after photos.

This dynamic group of CSP trainees achieved a home staging miracle in many of the rooms and left a comprehensive list of additional recommendations. It was so gratifying to be able to truly help the homeowner and the agent in preparing this estate condition property for sale. As Certified Staging Professionals, our mission is to collaborate with sellers and agents to prepare properties for sale so that they will stand out from the competition – maximizing the return on the homeowners’ equity and reducing time on the market.

I am looking forward to my next CSP training class at Purchase College, New York from October 28th -30th. For more information, visit and and feel free to call me at 917-952-4669 if you have any questions.