Real Estate Guru Barbara Corcoran Recommends Home Staging to ALL Sellers in 2011

AOL Real Estate’s What Works NOW called upon real estate guru, Barbara Corcoran for her take on the 2011 market. She recommends JUST TWO critical strategies:

1. PRICING: Price “exactly to the bones” and what
the property is worth. She says that on average it is taking 7 bids to
get to an acceptable offer and if the price is too high, sellers won’t
the bids.

2. HOME STAGING: Barbara Corcoran makes it clear
and simple. This is a tough buyers’ market. Sellers are competing with
their neighbors. To sell successfully in 2011, homes will have to look
much better than the competing neighbors’ properties. She recommends
making repairs and inexpensive upgrades and even renting furniture.

I would further recommend than when so much is at stake for home sellers, that they invest in hiring a Certified Staging Professional.
For most sellers their homes are their most valuable financial asset.
Research has proven that staged properties sell faster and for more
money than comps that are not staged. Reduced selling prices and
extended time on the market represent significant financial loss for
sellers. In comparison, short-term investment in professional home
staging will bring long-term financial gain. And when you consider the
interest rates the banks are offering, there is probably no better
short-term investment for sellers than professional home staging.

As president of Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc.,
I have staged well over $500 million of real estate. I know from years
of experience, that never before have condition and presentation been
as important to the sale of real estate as they are today.

And as a trainer for Certified Staging Professionals,
I also know that our CSPs are stand-outs in the professional home
staging industry. In such a tough market and with so much financial
risk at stake, sellers need to bring in the home staging experts!

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