Three Ways a Career in Home Staging May Increase Longevity and Well-Being

We are a youth-obsessed culture, but I like Dr. Christiane Northrup’s new paradigm, “getting older is inevitable but aging is optional.” Like many of my peers, when I think about my age I find it almost unbelievable that I got this “old” so fast. But the reality is that I feel more dynamic and healthy than I did decades ago. I have been blessed with good health but I attribute a lot of my overall well-being to my career as a home stager. While I make no claims to be a doctor, I have come to some personal conclusions about how my job is helping to keep me energized and healthy.

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Five Common Costly Mistakes Made by Untrained Home Staging Consultants

As professional home stagers, our role is to collaborate with real estate agents and home sellers to prepare properties for the marketplace to sell for top dollar as quickly as possible. This is impossible without thorough attention to condition issues and enhanced presentation. A successful staging process begins with a professional analytical consultation that includes specific recommendations for the homeowner. It is our responsibility not only to tell the seller what they need to do but also to make sure they understand the importance of home staging and to motivate them to follow through with the recommendations. Otherwise, they will not achieve their objectives of selling quickly and for top dollar. In fact they may not be able to sell at all.

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A Home Staging Success Story

This Pre-war “Classic 7” Upper Westside New York City co-op had been a well-loved family home for decades. The owner was ready to sell and begin a new chapter but the downsizing and preparation for selling process seemed overwhelming in many ways. An “as-is” direct buyer offer of $2.6 million seemed tempting. However, his real estate agent was confident that with some strategic investment in staging, he would be able to sell at a much higher price because large New York City Pre-War apartments have high appeal for young, affluent families, who will complete high-end renovations.

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New York, NY. February 9, 2012: Nairn Friemann, President of Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc. in New York City, and Certified Staging Professionals Instructor, was selected as the RESA 2012 Professional Stager of the Year. The RESA Professional Stager award was presented by the membership of the Real Estate Staging Association at the 2012 International Home Staging Convention awards banquet on February 1, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“I am so excited and appreciative to receive this prestigious award. It is also so gratifying to see how far our home staging industry has come in the past ten years!” said Friemann in accepting the RESA honor.

RESA recognized home staging professionals in chapter, state and regional leadership positions. Professional home stagers in 5 regions throughout North America received awards in both Rookie Stager of the Year and Professional Stager of the Year categories. RESA also recognized a Staging Realtor of the Year, Innovator of the Year, Product of the Year and several other categories.

“Nairn Friemann was selected by her home staging industry peers and we are honored that Nairn has been recognized for her contributions to our industry”, said Shell Brodnax, President/CEO of RESA.

As president of Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc., Nairn has collaborated with sellers and agents on the staging of over $600 million in real estate. “My specialty is transforming the ordinary to extraordinary with my ingenuity and pizzazz, but my focus is always on results – achieving a quick and profitable sale for my clients! I offer a full menu of home staging services and customized action plans to support each client’s budget and needs. My clients have called me a magician and miracle worker, but I know the magic and miracles happen because of my talent, professional training, extensive experience, high standards and very hard work.”

“It is also my pleasure to be able to share my expertise with hundreds of new home stagers, as an instructor for Certified Staging Professionals. the leading home staging training program. Nairn offers CSP home staging training classes in New York City, at Brookdale College in New Jersey, at Purchase College in Purchase, NY, in Connecticut and in Montreal..

Nairn Friemann with RESA 2012 Professional Stager of the Year Awards and Christine Rae, President of Certified Staging Professionals, at the RESA Convention, Las Vegas

For more information about Nairn Friemann and Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc., visit and contact Nairn at 917-952-4669 or

For more information about Nairn Friemann’s home staging training classes and webinars, visit and and call 1-888-STAGING.

“Home Staging Vacant Properties Increases Selling Price 5 – 10 times Investment”Top New York Agent Deanna Kory sa

The  New York Times Market Ready Feature, Thursday Sept. 29, 20ll addresses a common question about staging a vacant property.  Read the full article:

Is it worth the money to hire someone to stage it?

Top agents and professional stagers know the answer to this question because we see the proof time and time again.

Deanna Kory, SVP at the Corcoran Group, is not only a top agent but also one of home staging’s strongest proponents.

In this article she is quoted:

“I won’t let people come on the market empty if I can help it.” 

She has found that  “when staging apartments on her own and working with professional staging companies,  renting a hand-picked selection of furniture and arranging it with accessories will often speed up a sale and generate a higher selling price”

This has been a successful strategy for her and her sellers, because she ” has found that sellers with empty apartments can increase their selling price by “at least 5 to 10 times the investment you’re going to make” in staging.”
As an example, “if a seller invests  $10,000 in home staging, it should yield between $50,000 and $100,000 more in profit than an apartment sold empty.”

Earlier this year, real estate guru, Barbara Corcoran, advised viewers of The Today Show,never sell a property vacant unless you have no other choice. Vacant properties spend more time on the market and sell for less. She recommends an investmentin staging as the SMART financial decision.
When sellers ask,  “how much will it cost to stage?”, I think the better question is:

How much will it cost me if I don’t stage?

Staging is not an expense, it is an investment. In fact it is the best short-term investment a home seller can make! 

Just consider the financial return of a 12-month CD with today’s interest rates. A short-term investment in your most valuable asset is the wiser financial decision. Statistics show that home staged properties sell faster and for more money than comps that are not staged. So, owners do not save money by not home staging, in fact they lose money by not getting the best return on their asset and by incurring additional carrying costs for the extra time on the market. And the investment in home staging is almost always less than the first price reduction and in many cases, less than one or two month’s carrying costs.

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Real Estate Authority, Barbara Corcoran, Advises Sellers to Hire a Home Stager and Never Sell a House Without Furniture

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Once again, Barbara Corcoran is advising sellers to hire a home stager! Watch her video segment on TODAYSHOW.COM

Barbara explains to a home seller, who has been listed since last
April, why you should never sell a house without furniture: the rooms
will look smaller; buyers will think you are desperate; and you won’t
get the right price.

She recommends hiring a home stager to “clean up” and use either
existing furniture or rental furniture. Renting furniture at even $3,000
per month for up to 6 months, she explains, is SMARTER than trying to
sell an empty house.

Instead of another discount to the list price, she says the agent
will probably re-evaluate and maybe even increase the ask price once the
staging has been completed!

As president of Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc.,
one of NYC’s leading home staging companies, I have seen the proof of
this over and over again. One apartment we staged this year had been on
the market vacant for 9 months without an offer. The carrying costs were
$10,000 per month for a total loss of $90,000 to the sellers just on
carrying costs, not to mention the emotional stress.The new agent
insisted that the apartment needed to be staged. We staged the apartment
with rental furnishings and accessories and it sold in 5 weeks over a
holiday period!

In a extremely competitive market, where presentation and condition
have never been more important, staging is an essential component of
getting properties sold for full potential as quickly as possible. The
COST of not staging is far greater and long lasting. Whereas the
INVESTMENT in staging is the best short-term investment a home seller
can make.

So as Barbara Corcoran and my savvy agents concur, home staging is clearly the SMARTER financial decision.

At Certified Staging Professionals,
we offer the leading home staging training in North America and
Australia. If you are interested in a career in this growing industry,
please visit: and call 1-888-STAGING or contact me at 1-917-952-4669 or

I’m looking forward to my upcoming classes:

Montreal: Feb. 2-4; 3 Day
Purchase College, Purchase, NY: March 2-4; 3 Day
Brookdale College, Lincroft, NJ: March 14-17; 4 Day
New York, NY: ***NEW April 2-5; 5 Day

Home Staging Truths – Choose the Real Estate Agent Who Tells You What You Need to Hear – Not What They Think You Want to Hear!

The recent Report on Home Staging Trends in North America has just been released by Certified Staging Professionals. It illustrates that in spite of national and reional differeneces in real estate markets, the common fact remains that irrespective of
location and/or market conditions, professionally staged properties
sell faster and for more money than comparable properties, which are
not staged.
Professional stagers and savvy real estate understand that all properties benefit from some degree of staging – ie. preparing a property for sale, regardless of location, size or price point – so the million dollar question is,
“Why aren’t all properties being staged?”

One of the major reasons is because when it comes to discussing the need to stage the property, there are still a lot of real estate agents who continue to tell their sellers what they think their sellers want to hear – and not what they need to hear. 
Are they representing their clients’ best interests? Absolutely not!

Are they saving their clients money? Absolutely not!

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Professional Stagers – Masters of the Art of Fierce Conversations –

 Ann Mehl, is a certified coach through the Life Purpose Institute and Martha Beck’s NorthStar program. Her recent blog, Mastering the Art of Fierce Conversations, and interview with author Susan Scott, is such timely and valuable information for homesellers, real estate agents and stagers. People generally avoid uncomfortable conversations, even when the cost of not having them is high. This is especially true of some real estate agents, who are fearful of upsetting home sellers and perhaps even losing a listing, if they tell them honestly what needs to be done to prepare their homes for sale. As a consequence, many listings get launched without adequate staging and end up lingering on the market, leading to significant price reductions and increased carrying charges.

It is Economic Theory 101:

The following is an excerpt and you can read the entire blog on her website.

There are certain conversations we all dread: the ones in which we have to deliver bad news, discuss a sensitive or “political” subject, or talk about a project that’s gone wrong. Have you ever recognized too late that a client was frustrated because you failed to resolve an issue? Or perhaps spent time cleaning up in the aftermath of a discussion that didn’t go according to plan?

In a polite society, we are generally hardwired to avoid confrontation.Nobody wants to play the bad guy or have a situation blow up in their face. But often the cost of NOT having these conversations can be far costlier than the temporary discomfort you may feel. You want to take
charge and talk about it – candidly and effectively. But how??

One of the best business books I’ve read on this subject is Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott (SS). In this book, she provides the tools we all need to master the art of “difficult” conversations.

AM: How do you personally define “fierce conversations”?

The word “fierce” wakes me up.  Synonyms include robust, unbridled,uncurbed, untamed.  A bit unnerving, and exhilarating. The simplest definition of a fierce conversation is one in which we come out from behind ourselves, into the conversation, and make it real.  Suchconversations are rare, because most people are deeply uncomfortable with real.  Having worked with people all over the world, at all levels within organizations, it seems to me that withholding what we really think and feel is a global pandemic, resulting in costly, painful
outcomes for all of us.  The economic meltdown occurred gradually then suddenly, one failed, one missing conversation at a time.  Based on results, it is the unreal conversations that should concern us.  They are incredibly expensive for individuals, couples, teams, organizations, for countries, for our planet.