Home Staging to Sell

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!

Don’t undersell your most valuable asset!

Homes that look great sell faster at higher prices. Why? Because research shows that visitors form first impressions of a space within 90 seconds. In fact, as much as 60 percent of an impression can be based on color alone.

With 95% of buyers shopping on the Internet, the pictures they see there are the first, and sometimes the only, chance for sellers to make a good impression. Unappealing photos put homes at a serious competitive disadvantage and lead to the elimination of these properties from buyers’ viewing lists.

In every market, all properties benefit from some degree of home staging. However, in a down market, when supply exceeds demand, not only is there more competition, there is more “staged” competition. If you don’t stage your property, you’re giving your competition the advantage.

If you are selling your home, professional home staging is the best short-term investment you can make!

How much will home staging cost?

Home Staging is an investment, not an expense.

Just consider the financial return of a 12-month CD with today’s interest rates. A short-term investment in your most valuable asset is the wiser financial decision. Statistics show that home staged properties sell faster and for more money than comps that are not staged. So, owners do not save money by not home staging, in fact they lose money by not getting the best return on their asset and by incurring additional carrying costs for the extra time on the market. And the investment in home staging is almost always less than the first price reduction and in many cases, less than one month’s carrying costs.

So the definitive question to ask is, “How much will it cost me if I don’t stage?

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Working with Nairn was terrific! We had 3 offers within 10 days of putting our home on the market and there is no doubt that it was our prep work and staging that made the difference. Her on-site recommendations were spot-on, extremely practical, and oriented toward selling the unique features of our home. Her written follow-up was timely (within 24 hours) and provided us with a thorough recommendation of what she would do with each room. Nairn helped us work around furniture we already had, helping us select what to keep and what to put into storage. From there we purchased items from West Elm, Crate & Barrel and Ikea to complete each room. Nairn was bold enough to suggest that we paint some of our built-in wood cabinetry and that made a huge difference in visually separating the living room from our kitchen.
K. Compton, NYC

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance on prepping my Classic Six for sale. With your insights I was able to achieve an above-ask price for this apartment that was a bit beyond “estate-condition”.

Your astute suggestion to move the furniture around, establishing the en-suite bathroom as a master bedroom and setting up the bedrooms in a “hotel-style” really made a difference in the feel. The reorganization of the living room furniture opened the room up and made it more expansive.

Additionally, you were so right in recommending that I give up my personalized colors in each room and paint the entire apartment “Cloud White”. I only wish I had done it years ago. It made such a difference on the feel of the apartment, opening it up and brightening the already bright rooms, I felt that you were with me each step of the way as I followed the instructions set forth in your detailed report. You are a true professional and an amazing person.

K. Krugman