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Completion of each of these webinars earns 1 Continuing Ed credit towards the CSP Masters Designation.

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Mastering the Art of Difficult Conversations with Home Sellers

Home Stagers, Do You Want to Grow Your Business and Increase Your Profitability?

The key to success in the home staging business starts with your consulting expertise. Having talent and knowing what home sellers need to do is frankly, just not enough to guarantee business success. How you present yourself and your recommendations will determine your effectiveness. After all, it isn’t enough just to tell sellers what they should do, to be truly effective your recommendations should lead to implementation and a successful sale. Skillful communication is an art, but it is one that can be learned, practiced and perfected.

Over my many years in this business, I have developed a simple 10-step signature system for “Mastering the Art of Difficult Conversations with Home Sellers.” I am now sharing this system with home stagers in my monthly webinars and upcoming workshops. Personal coaching is also available. Contact Nairn for more information.

Floral Design for Home Stagers

Learn How a Skilled and Strategic Application of Floral Design Can Enhance your Showcasing, Increase your Staging Effectiveness and Increase your Profitability.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • The importance of Internet marketing and professional styling
  • Strategic use of color to draw attention to key strengths of a room and distract from weaknesses
  • Impact of flowers and plants on emotions
  • Strategy and plan for implementing floral design
  • Quality, resources, style, scale, mechanics and detailed examples of simple floral design for stagers
  • Additional income potential



Another outstanding webinar from Nairn! I’m happy to have had another opportunity to learn from her breadth of knowledge and experience. I had to look back at my receipt to see if I really only pay $49 dollars for this webinar because what I got in return was a steal. Every single slide was packed with invaluable advice, and I came away with a whole new perspective and awareness of how I should conduct my consultations going forward. I might sign up for it again in a few months to make sure I’m on track.
Susi Pereira, Well Dressed Home
I thoroughly enjoyed your webinar just now. It was motivating and very easy to follow. I was able to take down excellent notes. These are wonderful guidelines which I will review frequently. You are an excellent speaker and know why you were an award winning professor at Concordia. Signing up for your Webinar was well worth my INVESTMENT…Many thanks.
Jane Chisholm, JC Creations Inc.
I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your webinar tonight. I can see you were a teacher – you really know how to get the message across. Wow… I normally get hired after I do a consultation as I show my portfolio; explain things and usually I am highly recommended either by an agent or a former client. My conversion ratio is 8:10, not bad… but I feel that if I practice my verbiage I can do better. I know I can do better if I apply what I learned today, and I will. Thanks a lot for your great webinar!
Monica Stanciu, Staged 2 Sell Solutions Inc.
2012 and 2013 RESA Professional Stager of the Year Canada Award
The Difficult Conversations webinar with Nairn Friemann was excellent. I did not expect to get such a complete review of the Staging process, how to approach clients and how to manage the entire process. I really enjoyed the focus on Marketing and Consulting. This was exactly what I needed after approaching the family of a deceased parent. These were valuable lessons for me in what NOT to do and how to approach such a difficult conversation in the future.
                                                                                                               Judith Sutherland
Great webinar! Very informative. I would refer anyone.
Melody Eeuwes, Signature Design
I did enjoy this recap of how to be with and talk with clients. I like Nairn’s no-nonsense approach; she appears very creative with a keen business sense – often thought of as opposites!
Kathryn Wilson, Home Ready Home Staging