Real Estate Authority, Barbara Corcoran, Advises Sellers to Hire a Home Stager and Never Sell a House without Furniture

Once again, Barbara Corcoran is advising sellers to hire a home stager! Watch her video segment on TODAYSHOW.COM

Barbara explains to a home seller, who has been listed since last
April, why you should never sell a house without furniture: the rooms
will look smaller; buyers will think you are desperate; and you won’t
get the right price.

She recommends hiring a home stager to “clean up” and use either
existing furniture or rental furniture. Renting furniture at even $3,000
per month for up to 6 months, she explains, is SMARTER than trying to
sell an empty house.

Instead of another discount to the list price, she says the agent
will probably re-evaluate and maybe even increase the ask price once the
staging has been completed!

As president of Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc.,
one of NYC’s leading home staging companies, I have seen the proof of
this over and over again. One apartment we staged this year had been on
the market vacant for 9 months without an offer. The carrying costs were
$10,000 per month for a total loss of $90,000 to the sellers just on
carrying costs, not to mention the emotional stress.The new agent
insisted that the apartment needed to be staged. We staged the apartment
with rental furnishings and accessories and it sold in 5 weeks over a
holiday period!

In a extremely competitive market, where presentation and condition
have never been more important, staging is an essential component of
getting properties sold for full potential as quickly as possible. The
COST of not staging is far greater and long lasting. Whereas the
INVESTMENT in staging is the best short-term investment a home seller
can make.

So as Barbara Corcoran and my savvy agents concur, home staging is clearly the SMARTER financial decision.

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