Our real estate agent referred us to Nairn early in the process of selling our one-bedroom apartment. She was available to meet us right away and gave us a clear big-picture view of the goals of staging a home for sale and much practical detailed advice. She showcased the apartment with decorative accessories at a reasonable cost and the apartment showed very well. We very quickly had offers over asking price, finally selling our one-bedroom for $55K over. She’s easy to work with, and we would hire her again without hesitation. Nairn was the most critical member of our selling team.
Debra and Larry Alton
Many, many, many thanks for your help and genius. You turned my bachelor pad into a luxury apartment. I attribute that “spark” wholly to your work. The best estimates from brokers before you worked your magic were at a high end of $550,000 but realistically, closer to $500,000. Putting in $10k and getting $70k in return…in two months? Take that, NASDAQ!
D. Goodman
After spending significant money to renovate my apartment for sale, I was initially quite reluctant to spend additional funds to have the apartment staged for potential buyers. Nairn convinced me that the space could be made significantly more attractive to buyers with the inclusion of a modest amount of decorating and rental furniture. It was a pleasure working with Nairn. She took control of the entire staging process and through her vision and insight created a space with a much more appealing look and feel. Obviously prospective buyers agreed as we were able to come to terms with a buyer (from a group of 4 bidders) at a significant premium to the initial asking price after having the apartment on the market for just a week and a half. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to sell their current home.
Rory Deutsch, NY
Nairn, you are the best! I don’t think I will ever stop saying that. We sold in four days for $300,000 more than the only other offer we had received in 6 months before your staging. Thanks again for all your help, decorating, showcasing and most of all, your fun and enjoyable company.
Mavita Ledesma, White Plains, New York
Nairn did a marvelous job enhancing our Manhattan co-op and prepping it for sale. Her recommendations on de-cluttering, decor placements and greenery collectively made a profound difference. Since we were living in the apartment when showing it, we especially appreciated that the staging didn’t impact our day-to-day living in the space. In fact, we continued to use almost everything even after the contract signed. Most importantly, Nairn was very conscious on keeping costs low as if she was spending her own money. Nairn’s staging added significant value and was well worth the investment based on the results of our apartment sale. It was on the market for only 5 days before we got the offer, the day after the first open house!
Lea Aharon
I can’t thank you enough. The customer response to the apartment was tremendous. The pictures of your work on the web helped bring in 18 showings during the first week. The apartment you recently staged in the same building closed for a record sales price for the building, bringing in a million dollars more than other brokers said it would. That raised the bar in the building, making it easier for me to achieve my current listing’s asking price. It has also made me very popular with other building shareholders which I’m sure will turn into more listings. Your work continues to bring me more business. Thank you.
David Anderson, Brown Harris Stevens

Nairn Friemann – stager extraordinaire – a consummate professional who knows her business and puts her all into staging a property. No detail is left undone. She is also a pleasure to work with. My Upper Westside property needed a tremendous amount of work, simply everything. As major renovations were not going to be done to kitchen and baths, Nairn’s focus was accentuating the positive. This worked so well that there were no negative comments about major renovations not being done. The property looked so good after Nairn performed her magic, I raised the initial asking price before it came on the market.

Many offers were quickly received and a bidding war ensued. The property sold for $100K over ask. Nairn’s expertise in making the property look absolutely beautiful more than impacted and contributed to the property selling considerably over asking price.

Carol Halterbeck, Halstead
Nairn’s repositioning of our furniture to better highlight the architectural detail of the house and removing unneeded drapery to better showcase our landscaped one-acre property was inspired. The buyer said it made the difference for her and that it might have been overlooked if not “staged” for a high impact, first impression. I now find myself taking a more edited approach to our new home and incorporating Nairn’s “less can be more” furnishing philosophy.
Carmen Kleiser, Greenwich, Connecticut
Thank you for the stunning transformation of my brownstone. There isn’t a single person who has come in and just been bowled over. This is a very, very tough market right now and I give you and your team a full measure of credit for the sale. Thank you, thank you!
Marty Snow, New York
Nairn was a pleasure to work with, and extremely professional throughout the project. She was able to meet our very demanding schedule (less than 2 weeks) to fully stage and equip the entire space. The transformation is astounding! Not only do we have very happy temporary residents, I am sure we will have a very happy sales team when CUNY is ready to put the apartment back on the market.
R. Honig, AIA Assistant Director Department of Design, Construction & Management City University of New York
Thank you so much for your spectacular work on our apartment. We think it’s dramatically better and will implement the changes you recommended. We think the changes you made in the media room are fantastic. The room appears so much bigger and is easily understandable as a guest bedroom. We also adore both of the entryways. Thank you so much for your tremendous help. You’re truly gifted.
Jenn Bregman, New York
Nairn’s impeccable taste and design skills turned my somewhat drab 550 square foot apartment into a breezy open space full of light and warmth. Staying well within a reasonable budget, she totally transformed my home. I can’t say enough about how incredible the difference was! Thanks to her, the bidding war grew heated, and the final offer came in at $26,000 more than the asking price.
Jefferson Arca, New York
Hi Nairn. We did it! We signed a contract today and now we can co-ordinate with the close on our new place. I cannot thank you enough for all that you did to help me prepare. There is no way I could have done it without you!
Rita Koplin, New York
It was a real pleasure working with Nairn. She is very practical and efficient and her ideas on how to make our NYC apartment and terrace more inviting and glamorous were fantastic. I thought I was going to have to put in a new kitchen, but with a few changes that cost under $200, Nairn helped us transform the kitchen so that everyone loved it – one buyer even told us the kitchen and terrace reminded her of a villa where she had lived in Rome!. Nairn’s eye for staging was invaluable.
Dr. Judy Friedman, California
Since you staged my apartment, traffic was amazing and ended up with 6-7 offers. I want to thank you for your efforts in making my apartment look as good as it possibly could. Some of your ideas, which were very simple to implement, made a huge impact. I don’t think the process would have been as successful without your participation. I will tell everyone I know to contact you before commencing a sale.
J. O’Neill
Thank you so much again for all of your help. We couldn’t have done it without you! I will certainly let anyone I know that is selling an apartment to call you.
M. Parker
Nairn, thank you so much!!! You’re simply amazing! We never thought that we could make it, really! After your staging, our apartment looked so beautiful, we got offers so fast within a week! Not only did you do a spectacular job, but also gave us so much relief and confidence. You’re a true professional with a warm heart. We’re so grateful…thank you!
Akemi and Danny Krivet
You did a great job with our NYC apartment and got it into the NY Times Sunday Real Estate featured homes section, which led to its sale a few weeks later. We appreciated your fine sense, taste and judgment.
A. DeBlasio
Your help was exactly what we needed.
C. Breau
Thank you Nairn. You did a great job! When our daughter moves out, we plan to put the apartment up for sale and I would like it to look just as you had set it up.
C. Strickoff
All of the brokers said, ‘Who is the person who staged this apartment? I said, Have I got a stager for you!’ Nairn is truly a miracle worker and a treasure whose help I could never do without.
Philip Altland, SVP Douglas Elliman

I was thrilled to collaborate with Pat Harbison, on 2 of NYC’s biggest 2011 sales ($16.5 million and $12 million).

I am very pleased to highly recommend Nairn Friemann for staging your home for sale. After Nairn has worked her “magic”, your home will sell for a much better price and in a very timely manner. Nairn is a pleasure to work with. She is very accommodating, professional and excellent on following through. She is a vital Member of my Marketing Team, and all of my Exclusive Sellers have enjoyed working with her.

Pat Harbison, EVP, Halstead Property, LLC
You are an ace in the hole for us! Thanks again.
Edward Joseph and Gloria Foxman, Brown Harris Stevens
Before I met Nairn, Staging was only a consideration for an estate or a property in such disrepair that there was no way to visualize what it could be. Now, before we put any property on the market, we have a consultation with Nairn. You always want an apartment or home to look its best from the first photos to the initial showings. Even for the most pristine property, making some changes can be invaluable. Whether it is moving furniture, adding new inexpensive lighting or placement of artwork, the outcome is always worth the effort. We strongly believe our properties have benefited tremendously by appearing at their best and selling faster!
Sandra Gansberg, VP Pinnacle Club Top 25 Producer 2010, Douglas Elliman
Thank you Nairn for all your expert and enthusiastic help in staging the super-large loft I needed to sell in a hurry for my clients. The pictures came out beautifully, thanks to the choices you made in large impressive, colorful art and furniture. It showed magnificently – every customer who came by, every real estate agent, was genuinely amazed at how great it looked. The living area was so large, so hard to define, and you did the perfect job. People would see it, after having seen a bare version on a higher floor, and have that “ah-hah” moment. They understood just how to use the space and how dramatic an apartment it could be. We sold first – there were three available in that line, both others on higher floors – and for a very good price. My owners were thrilled with your work. As an agent, I was elated at how you took charge of the project from start to finish.
Todd Schiff, Prudential Douglas Elliman
It is such a pleasure to work with you and see a space transformed before our eyes. You have a way of presenting facts to owners that is very straightforward but also so diplomatic, that they are ready to hear what needs to be said.
Diane Abrams, VP, Director Brown Harris Stevens
Nairn Friemann is amazing. I have her stage every listing that I get. She has done miraculous things with listings I have had, and made the amount of time on the market a fraction of what it would be if the apartment were not staged. She is excellent with difficult sellers who are stubborn and feel that staging is a waste of money. After they see the transformation she can make on their property, they are always glad they listened to her, and they are always pleased with the higher price they ultimately receive.
Philip Altland, SVP Douglas Elliman
Accepted offer came via first open house and being on the market all of two business days. A great reflection of what the right team can do when a seller follows the advice of their broker and the team of professionals they put in place to reach their objective. This was truly ingenuity AND pizazz at work! If only they could all be like this! Thanks again for all your effort!
Josh Rubin, Senior Vice President
Rubin Group | Prudential Douglas Elliman
Nairn continues to amaze me with the transformations she performs on my listings. The most recent success story is for a large loft which was mostly empty and looked somewhat neglected and unlived in. After Nairn performed her magic, we had a signed contract in a month!
Philip Altland, SVP Douglas Elliman
As a Real Estate Agent it is essentially important to me to work with professionals who will give my clients the level of service that I have built my reputation on providing. Again and again, Nairn has exceeded my expectations; I have never worked with a stager that has gone above and beyond for their clients as much as Nairn. When I recommend Nairn to a customer I know not only will they get a good product, but they will get their money’s worth and she will ultimately help me in getting for my clients the highest possible price for their apartment. She is not afraid to tackle the challenging projects; she comes up with creative solutions where others might have seen the issues as road blocks. Nairn is able to give amazing attention to the largest most sophisticated jobs as well as the small jobs that just need a consultation. If you decide to use Nairn you won’t be sorry!
Rachel Field, The Corcoran Group
I would not think of putting a property on the market without Nairn’s “magic”…I had the saddest, most claustrophobic, depressing 1 bedroom apartment on Riverside Drive. I was sure this apartment would be a lifetime project to sell. It took Nairn approximately four hours to transform this apartment into a happy, calm, Zen-like apartment… At my 1st open house I got six offers and it went into contract in 1 week!!!Nairn is one of the very few stagers that understands the difference between staging and decorating. I want my listings to have a happy and calm feeling, with an attractive look. She totally gets it…I am selling space and wonderful environment…I am not a decorating showroom in the D&D building.
Pat Slochower, VP, Douglas Elliman
Wow. You are a God send. I don’t know how you do it. Thank you very much! You have a way with people. Priceless.
David Anderson, VP, Director, Brown Harris Stevens
It is very rare in this business that I come across a service or a system that garners me both immediate, eye-popping results and a reduction in stress and anxiety for myself and my clients. Thank you for all the work your do. You are a credit to your profession.
Brian Chiusano, SVP, Douglas Elliman
I held a broker’s open house and the agents who remember the old home loved the new home. We will now appeal to a broader spectrum of buyers, including a younger set. The homeowners are thrilled with the success of your work. You made me look great in the eyes of my clients and I thank you for that too.
Kaye Lewis, Sotheby’s Realty, Greenwich
Nairn can tell your clients exactly what they need to do to get the most for their apartment and does so without offending your client. She is a value-added service you can offer your sellers, and one that they cannot afford to turn down.
Lee Presser, Corcoran Group
It gives me great pleasure to recommend Nairn Friemann, a Certified Staging Professional and President of Ingenuity & Pizzazz, Inc. Her expertise is extensive including the superb work performed on an 800 square foot terrace that was beautifully and professionally landscaped. Best of all my listings sold within several weeks after she had worked on the apartments!
Sharon Lawrence, VP, Douglas Elliman
From the minute you engage the client, to the completely detailed recommendations, suggestions etc., etc., you are a true marketer. I’ve worked with a few others stagers and there is no comparison. I would never, ever work with anyone else because you are the absolute best. I mean, you rock!!!
Ben Morales, SVP Brown Harris Stevens
Nairn Friemann is my secret weapon! Not only is she and her team a pleasure to work with, she has an amazing eye. As a nationally recognized staging professional, Nairn knows just what buyers are looking for in their search for a new home. Always budget conscious, Nairn is focused on the bottom line, and knows what all my listings need. No longer does staging need to break the bank. Sellers always recognize the value of Nairn’s services; it’s just a question of when.
Josh Rubin, SVP Douglas Elliman
Nairn Friemann is a very talented stager and teacher of staging. Recently she and her class staged a 7-room prewar and literally transformed it.
Shirley Hackel,
Executive Managing Director, Warburg Realty
Thanks for being such a good sport and for being a true team player. Hope to work with you again soon!
Gene Keyser, SVP Halstead Property
Nairn, congratulations! You deserve the honor. You do a terrific job staging and transforming properties.
C. Halt SVP, Halstead
Nairn has an uncanny ability to make a previously unattractive apartment appealing. She understands that first impressions of prospective buyers are critical and reconfigures apartments with that criteria in mind. She is also very personable and a real pleasure to work with.
Marie Bingham, VP and Director, Brown Harris Stevens
I wanted to let you know that we closed on the apartment sale of 3Z at $1.39 million, which was our asking price. I’m convinced that the staging added more value than all our other efforts combined. Your contribution to the process gets an “A+” in every category, and I wanted to thank you again. I will continue to give your info out to brokers and friends. Thank you so much.
M. Kratsios
Nairn, thank you so much for all your help. I will recommend you to all my friends.
S. Sherman

Invest in the Best Home Staging Training Program in the Industry

Nairn Friemann delivers in spades as a professional with wide a deep breadth of experience as an accomplished home staging professional and a gifted teacher and trainer. Her command on the subject matter is founded in science and expressed as art. The systems she taught are practical, valuable and easy to adapt and incorporate. So many training programs over promise and grossly under driver but Nairn’s Certified Staging Professional class provided the tools to really begin using and building valuable new skills immediately. Beyond teaching what to do, Nairn taught us how to do it and do it well. It is no surprise or accident that she has won the prestigious home staging awards that she has. You cannot expect or ask for a better trainer or package. I feel confident that I can go out and provide a valuable service, thanks to Nairn’s guidance, instruction and class.
Bob Lupinacci
The CSP program was well worth my time and financial investment. I learned the fundamentals of good staging, met great classmates and learned from the practical experience of our CSP trainer, Nairn Friemann. The most valuable part of the program was the opportunity to stage a property under the watchful eye of our trainer; an exercise that no online program could possibly match…. One of best professional decisions I have made thus far!
K. Turner
Thanks so very much, Nairn. We just loved the staging training class. We learned such an incredible amount of useful, helpful and strategic information from you. You’re a terrific teacher and we feel that the skills we learned and the tools with which we were provided allow for a strong start and a great path.
Lori Levenson
Nairn, your first-hand knowledge and insight is appreciated more than words can convey, especially having the opportunity to learn from you during a hands-on project. It has been an invaluable learning experience!!
Jill Cabarle
A few months ago I took another Home Staging Certification program. I learned very little, have since received no support and was not effectively taught everything about the industry and how to run a staging business. Completion of that program left me confused and floundering. I was not prepared to start my business with any sense of confidence.I decided to search a bit more extensively to find another Home Staging certification course. I committed to taking the three day extensive course offered by CSP in NYC with Nairn Friemann. I chose to take this course because Nairn is one of the top stagers in the area. If you are going to learn a new skill, might as well learn from the best!Furthermore, they offer a hands-on experience the third day of the class, something that is not offered by most other programs. I feel strongly that if you want to learn and be creative, you need to do this in person. An on-line course, in a creative industry, is just not going to cut it.The class was absolutely unbelievable. I learned so much, not just about the creative facets of Staging, but also the business aspect of this industry. I learned how to do a consultation, how to write a proposal and how to market a Staging business. It was hard work, but well worth the investment of my time and money. I would highly recommend the CSP program to anyone who is SERIOUS about starting a Home Staging company. It is a best and most thorough program offered.
Maria DiMartino, Corinthian Home Staging, NJ

Alumni can take refresher classes as often as they wish in any location!

This year, I enrolled in the course again as a refresher, and the whole training experience has been extremely helpful in continuously learning the process of starting and running a home staging business. Not to mention, meeting a wonderful diverse group of eager fellow students.Nairn has instilled great experienced knowledge and support in both the classroom, and in real time home staging/showcasing. I am honored to have learned from her.
Emilio Salvati

Train with an Expert Stager and Award-Winning Teacher

Nairn is a complete professional and I am grateful that I have her as an instructor and mentor. In addition, she spent personalized time to assist me at the end of a long day – how many people would do that? She is a rare gem.
Elizabeth Hinden
Thank you so much for a tremendous learning experience. The things I learned in class are invaluable. I am so grateful for your insight and for your generosity. I am proud to have been your student, and I will forever brag to anyone, who is interested in the field, that you are the BEST!!!
Terrie Lindner